Black & Decker WMB505

Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker WMB505

If you are looking for an affordable waffle maker that makes delicious waffles, Black & Decker WMB505 may indeed be what you’re looking for. Although the machine has some shortcomings like the plastic side hinges that do not appear to be very durable (and in fact is one of the main complaints about the product), if you will be using it to make one or two waffles once or twice a week, it can last for quite some time, providing good value for your money. But if you are looking for a better built and more durable waffle maker, you may want to check out the models .



  • Nonstick cooking grids
  • Nonstick, extra deep waffle grids
  • Indicator light that shows when preheating and cooking is finished
  • Vertical Storage
  • Convenient cord wrap
  • Makes a single 7-1/4-inch-diameter Belgian waffle at a time
  • Chrome housing
  • Stay-cool synthetic handles



  • Black & Decker WMB505 is a simple machine that does only one thing without any bells and whistles, but does it very well. It makes delicious, thick and fluffy Belgian waffles in four sections. We are sure that you will be amazed with the taste of the waffles this machine produces.
  • It’s very easy to use; just wait for the light to go on, indicating that preheating is complete, pour the batter and wait until the light goes on again.
  • The non-stick grids are well-made and are truly non-stick. You don’t even need too much cooking spray (which causes one of the problems we mention at the Cons section). All you need is a spatula to take the waffle off the grids.
  • For the price, we believe the taste and texture of the waffles it produces is quite amazing.
  • Vertical storage provides convenience since you don’t need a large space to put it away when not in use.



  • One of the biggest problems with Black & Decker WMB505 is the quality of the side hinges. They’re made of plastic and many users report that they break after some time. That’s why we recommended considering this machine only if you will be using it “lightly”. If you are looking for a more heavy-duty model, you may want to check out this one instead.
  • Another problem reported by users is that it’s hard to clean. We believe most of the problem here rests with the users though. We found that using too much spray causes accumulation over time and makes the WMB505 hard to clean. Another user error is using too much batter which causes spill overs and makes cleaning even harder. But as long as you pay attention to these two points, we believe you won’t have a hard time cleaning it up.




Black & Decker WMB505 is a very basic Belgian waffle maker but we believe it may be worth considering, especially for the price it is sold at the moment. It will make evenly cooked, fluffy waffles at every try, and unless you expect to use it continuously, you may be happy with this one. But like we said, if you are looking for a more durable item, look elsewhere (hint: if that’s the case, this model is a good alternative).

Black & Decker WMB505
68 Overall
Clean up80

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