Hamilton Beach 26009

Hamilton Beach 26009

Hamilton Beach 26009 is an affordable, simple and easy to use waffle maker that can cook 2 fluffy waffles at once. It’s nicely designed, comes with the usual features including power and preheat lights, non-stick grids and shade selector feature. It cooks evenly, waffles do not stick (you may need to use cooking spray for certain recipes), and the ability to cook two at a time instead of one as most other models at this price range is a big plus.



  • Can cook 2 Belgian waffles at a time
  • Non-stick grids
  • Power on and preheat lights
  • Shade selector
  • Compact build
  • Upright storage
  • Stainless steel



  • Non-stick grids are truly non-stick; you will be able to easily take the waffles off the machine using a plastic fork or some such; just remember that certain recipes may require cooking spray
  • The preheat light is useful as it indicates that the machine is ready to cook and that you can add batter
  • As most other models on the market, the 26009 can be stored upright, saving a lot of space in the kitchen
  • You can make waffles exactly to your liking using the shade selector or by simply adjusting the cooking time; if you cook for about 4 minutes in medium setting, you will have soft waffles; if you cook a little longer, you will have crispier waffles, and if you add a little extra water and cook about 4-5 minutes, you will end up with perfect Belgian waffles that are soft on the inside and crisp on the outside
  • Making 2 waffles at once instead of one can be a real time saver, especially for families with more than two mouths to feed :)



  • There is no drip tray. We were a bit disappointed about this since Hamilton Beach’s other model, the has it
  • The plates can’t be removed, so cleaning them can be a problem if you pour too much batter. But this is the case with most other waffle makers at this price range, and as long as you take care not to use too much batter, the plates are quite easy to clean afterwards. Just wipe them clean with a damp cloth or paper towel
  • It’s a small waffle maker, and the outside surface can become quite hot. Although it is clearly marked (and it’s also common knowledge) that such surfaces should not be touched when the machine is working, there can still be accidents, especially if there are little children in the family




Hamilton Beach 26009 Belgian waffle baker is definitely a decent product that provides enough value for the price. It’s well-built in general, does what a good waffle maker is supposed to do: it consistently cooks fluffy and delicious waffles without any hassle. It’s compact and easy to store, easy to clean as long as batter overflow is avoided (which is frankly a user error), and can make 8-10 waffles in as little as 30 minutes. If the budget you set aside for a waffle maker is below $50, than the 26009 can be a real good alternative. But if you are looking for a better, albeit pricier model, you can .

Hamilton Beach 26009
86 Overall
Clean up85

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