Presto 03510

Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker The world is extremely fast paced today and families are trying to discover new ways to make old traditions simpler. One of the greatest old family traditions is sitting down for meals together. Experts place critical significance upon eating meals together. One of the most essential mealtimes is breakfast and the Presto 03510 Flip-Side Belgian Waffle Maker helps cooks create fantastic waffles with ease. This waffle maker has a 7 inch diameter, a non-stick griddle form, and locks to to easily stored. The Presto Flip-side Belgian Waffle Maker offers many features allowing cooks to make perfect and delicious waffles for breakfast. A Belgian waffles is larger, has deeper crevices, and are much lighter and fluffier than traditional waffle makers. Waffles are not just for breakfast. Many people make waffles for lunch and snacks as well. One popular favorite is chicken and waffles for dinner.


  • The Presto 03510 Flip-side Belgian Waffle Maker has a non-stick cooking surface. This is great for two reasons. The waffles served are faultless and cleaning the unit is easy.
  • This waffle maker features a flip design that helps ensure cooks create waffles that are tender and crispy in just the right places. To be considered the perfect waffle it should be warm and tender on the inside with a light, brown, crispy outside.
  • The shape of the griddle is 36 square inches and forms deep pockets. It cooks waffles that are approximately 7 inches in diameter.
  • This waffle is 120 volts and 1100 watts allowing it to heat to the perfect waffle cooking temperature.
  • Once the Presto waffle maker is cooled it may be vertically locked for convenient storage. Anyone who owns several kitchen appliances understands the importance of counter space.
  • The exterior is a beautiful brushed stainless steel and is sure to fit in with any kitchen décor.
  • There are cheaper waffle makers available; however, these do not stack up to the Presto waffle maker in features or performance. It may be purchased at a very good price once all of these features are taken into account.


Every product generally has positive and negative aspects. It is important to review both before deciding to make any purchase. A well informed consumer is more likely to make wise decisions. The Presto 03510 Flip-Side Belgian Waffle Maker is no different than any other appliance. There are a few downfalls to this product.

  • The Presto 03510 Flip-side Belgian Waffle Maker is equipped with a timer that is built in and it is powered by a battery. While this may seem convenient, the appliance does not turn itself off when the timer sounds. This must be done manually. An attentive chef should have no problems with this.
  • Batter leakage is not as much as with other waffle makers, but there is still some leakage. This generally does not present a problem because of the non-stick cooking surface. It is a cinch to wipe up spills.


The Presto 03510 Flip-side Belgian Waffle Maker is a wonderful appliance with many convenient features. It may be slightly more expensive than some waffle makers, but the familiar adage one gets what one pays for rings true. This waffle maker is worth the price.  

Presto 03510
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