Waring Pro WMK600

Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

The Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker is a top of the line kitchen appliance. It is more expensive than other waffle makers, but not many measure up to its caliber. The Waring Pro is a wonderful appliance to have around for large family brunches. It is double sided so it makes two golden brown waffles at the same time. This appliance will come in handy because it has a number of great features.



  • The Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker allows cooks to prepare two waffles simultaneously. It features a flip mechanism. Pour the batter into one side, close it, and then flip it over to add batter to the other side for a second waffle. The flip feature also aids in even heat distribution.
  • This waffle iron includes an off/on toggle type switch and an alarms that sound to inform the user it is preheated, ready to go, and an alarm to let him/her know each waffle is done.
  • People like their waffles cooked different ways. Some like waffles that are crispy and browned to perfection, while others would rather have a light, fluffy waffle. This appliance has a browning control to make accomplishing this a snap.
  • The waffle irons create large round pieces that have extra deep, one inch crevices to hold tons of syrup and butter. For the health conscious cooks may top the waffles with vanilla yogurt, chopped nuts, and/or fruit wedges.
  • The non-stick griddle irons allow users to easily remove flawless waffles every time. Being a non-stick surface also aids in a fast, easy clean up.
  • The handle is a cool touch technology that is also foldable. This enables the user to store it conveniently for extra kitchen counter space.
  • The Waring Pro Waffle Maker includes a measuring cup for precise batter pour and a drip tray to catch messy spills. Both of these are 100% dishwasher safe.



There are a few disadvantages to purchasing the Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker. This is a high quality waffle maker that has numerous up to date features. Not every product has everything individual chefs want or need. Examine both the advantages and disadvantages in order to weigh them against each other before making a purchase decision.

  • The first disadvantage to mention is the price of the Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker which is generally around $100. This is slightly more than a small traditional waffle maker; however, it does sport a few more features, as well as makes two waffles in the time it takes to cook one on the cheaper waffle iron.
  • The griddle irons cannot be removed for cleaning. This does not rule out the purchase of this appliance. It only means a few extra minutes spent to ensure careful cleaning.
  • There are several complaints that there is no directional arrow to instruct the user which way to flip it. This should not present a big problem. Practice teaches users how to operate most all devices.



You should consider all of the features, or lack thereof, and the price to determine if this is the best waffle maker for you. As for our verdict, it’s safe to say that save for a couple minor issues; this appliance is one of the best for the price available on the market today. It should also be noted that this company has been manufacturing kitchen appliances since 1937 when Fred Waring introduced the Miracle Mixer.

Waring Pro WMK600
93 Overall
Clean up90

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